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Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers

Mitsubishi MJ-E16VX Dehumidifiers

Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers

With Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers, you can have high capacity in a slim design. Use it everywhere!
Space-saving and powerful, the popular range of Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers just got even better.

Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers Model MJ-E16VX
Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers are lightweight and compact in design and belies the 5 bedroom house capabilities. This clever design can be pushed right up to the wall to save space. At just 18cm deep these Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers looks sleek and smart. If you find dehumidifier specifications confusing then you will be grateful for the new Easy Dehumidifying feature on all Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers. Just press one button and the intelligent controls do the rest.

The MJ-E16VX Dehumidifier has an automated rotating louvre, child lock, digital display showing the current and target relative humidity, and an on/off timer (set the dehumidifier to come on at a set time, for example early each morning). All this plus the unique Easy Dehumidifying feature makes Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers the perfect dehumidifier.

Mitsubishi dehumidifiers- Model MJ-E16VXMitsubishi dehumidifiers- Model MJ-E16VX Control Panel

Mitsubishi MJ-E16VX Top Mounted Control Panel

  • The MJ-E16VX Dehumidifier is a replacement for the award winning MJ-E16SX but with even more benefits.
  • Unique Easy Dehumidifying feature
  • Just 18cm deep and can sit right up against a wall
  • Integral tank or permanent drain facility
  • Powerful enough to dry washing faster and cheaper than a tumble dryer
  • Adjustable humidistat, on/off timer & child lock
  • Animated display and rotating louvre
  • Ultra reliable, strong Mitsubishi Electric brand name
  • For museums the humidistat offers a range of humidity levels
  • Suitable for a 5 bedroom house
  • Hot gas defrost for unheated applications i.e. Boats Caravans, Cellars etc.
  • Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers have less than 1% failure rate in the first year
  • Can be used as a fan only in the summer
Mitsubishi MJ-E16VX Dehumidifiers Video

Dimensions HxWxD: 57 x 38.4 x 18.3cm

Price 329 - No further stock so consider the Daitsu ADD20
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Mitsubishi MJ-E16VX User Manual

Easy Dehumidifying
Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers takes control of the dehumidification needed for the whole house and constantly checks the humidity to ensure that the peak performance is maintained. Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers will constantly check the relative humidity and temperature and adjust the dehumidification capacity and the airflow speed to prevent, mildew, condensation, damp and mould.

But there's much more to be gained from
Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric than a damp free environment. The MJ-E16 series has an extra-high or 'Laundry' setting. This means you can use Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers to successfully dry delicate items that cannot be dried in a tumble drier. In fact Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers can extract 1.5Kg of water from 3Kg of clothes in two hours at a cost of under 4p. With Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers that's less than 20% of the cost of using a tumble dryer.



Mitsubishi MJ-E16VX

Max water extraction

Up to 16 litres extraction @ 30 Deg C and 80% rh


White & Blue

Property Size

Up to a 5 Bed Home depending on the layout and actual size

Auto Stop Laundry Mode (12hr)


Operating Noise (db)

Low temp/high modes 41, auto mode 39 and auto mode low setting 37

Drive Modes


Power Consumption (W)


Operating Current (A)


Hot Gas Defrost




Continuous Drainage Facility


Water tank indicator

Tank full indicator

Deodrant Filter (Antibacterial)


Air Purifier Function


Tank Window


Mildew Guard



On/off timer 1 to 9 hours

LCD Display


Auto Swing Louvre


Child Lock


Carry handle



Yes - adjustable between 50-70% in 5% steps. Accuracy +/-1%

Water Container Capacity

Stops at 4 litres


W384 x H570 x D183mm



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Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers - Mitsubishi MJ-E16VX

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