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Daitsu Dehumidifiers

Daitsu Dehumidifier - quiet and reliable

Dimensions HxWxD: 54.5 x 38 x 26cm

Daitsu ADD20 Price 189.00

No longer available
Price includes VAT and mainland U.K. delivery

Daitsu ADD12 Price 159.00

No longer available
Price includes VAT and mainland U.K. delivery

Download the Daitsu Manual

Daitsu Dehumidifiers - Quiet, Powerful and Very Reliable 

Highly recommended, as these machines were originally designed by Mitsubishi.

We have sold Daitsu Dehumidifiers since January 2007 with minimal problems or failures.

Both the Daitsu ADD12 and Daitsu ADD20 dehumidifiers have to be heard to be believed. We have tested both machines and they are two of the quietest and smoothest running dehumidifiers we have seen and heard. Daitsu Dehumidifiers are fitted with Rotary Compressors that are barely audible yet very efficient. The quiet yet powerful airflow also far exceeds the majority of domestic dehumidifiers currently on the market. These are good, solid and reliable machines with high customer satisfaction.

The Daitsu ADD12 is suitable for a 1- 3 bedroom home.

The Daitsu ADD20 unit would suit a 1 - 5 bed home.

The strength of Daitsu Dehumidifiers lies in the quietness of operation largely due to the Hitachi Rotary Compressor fitted. Rotary Compressors are generally found on more expensive dehumidifiers so it was a welcome surprise to find this type of compressor had been fitted to the Daitsu machines, unlike the vast majority of dehumidifiers that are fitted with Reciprocating Compressors that are old style compressors that for decades have been fitted to our refrigerators or very old air conditioners. The major benefits of a Rotary Compressor are reduced noise levels and more efficiency.

In addition these dehumidifiers are fitted with a Centrifugal fan with forward curved blades. This fan design again contributes to low noise levels and high efficiency. Regardless of fan speed selected, the sound levels are non-intrusive though the airflow rate is very impressive. The ADD12 has a maximum airflow rate of 130m3/h and the ADD20 has an airflow rate of 150m3/h that is very useful when it comes to drying laundry. In fact these machines actually have a laundry drying setting that raises the fan speed of the machine and over-rides the internal Humidistat.

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Specifications ADD12 & ADD20

  • Very Light Cream ABS lightweight rounded design
  • Hitachi Compressor
  • Maximum extraction 12 litres per day (ADD12), 20 litres per day (ADD20) at 30C 80% RH
  • ADD12 suitable for up to 3 bed homes with the ADD20 suitable for a normal 5 bed home.
  • Electronic controls for ease of use
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • 3 speed fan including quiet mode
  • Adjustable humidistat 50, 60 & 70% accurate to +/- 4%rh
  • Laundry Setting(over-rides humidistat and allows machine to run at high fan speed)
  • Continuous setting
  • Container full light & automatic cut off
  • Power-on indicator
  • Front access to water container
  • Water container capacity (6 litre)
  • Easy to clean filter (no replacements required)
  • Permanent drainage facility (5/8" id hose required)
  • Recessed rear rollers for ease of movement
  • CE approved
  • Uses R134a (CFC & HCFC free)
  • Operating temperature Deg C Minimum 2C, Maximum 38C
  • Height 545 mm Width 380mm Depth 261.5mm
  • Weight 12.5 kgs (ADD12), Weight 14 kgs (ADD20)
  • Power Consumption:
     ADD12 220 watts @ 27C & 60%rH,
     ADD20 400 watts @ 27C & 60%rH Note: At 245V and 23 Deg C the wattage is 354W
  • Airflow m3/h 130 max (ADD12), Airflow m3/h 150 max (ADD20)
  • Auto-restart - No
  • 1-year exchange warranty
  • Fan runs continually to provide air sampling even when not dehumidifying. Fan running cost per week approximately 60 pence on low

Got a question - you may find the answers on our FAQ page

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Daitsu Dehumidifiers - Daitsu ADD12 - Daitsu ADD20

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