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If this is a problem in your home then you need a Dehumidifier

The Problem
All air contains moisture and this is only natural, however, there can be too much. Especially in winter when moisture has been added through our day-to-day activities, such as boiling a kettle, drying clothes, showering and even breathing when this can lead to condensation

A typical family adds as much as 20 pints (11 Litres) of excess moisture to the air every day.

Modern Living
In the days when houses were poorly insulated, the excess moisture easily escaped from the home. Today, the double-glazing and draught proofing that keep our homes much better insulated also traps in the excess moisture we generate agin leading to condensation. Labour saving appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers also contribute to excess moisture in the home, which in turn leads to condensation and humidity problems

Damaging to your Health
Just as seriously, condensation and humidity can pose a threat to your health. Excess moisture can aggravate conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism. Recent research indicates that high humidity and condensation causes more house dust-mite activity, which increases the risk of asthma.

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How do Dehumidifiers work
Air is drawn into the unit by a fan. The air is then cooled down and the excess moisture condenses onto a chilled surface after which it is safely collected in the removable water container.Dehumidifier principle of operation

The air is then rewarmed with the energy removed during the cooling phase and returned to the room significantly warmer and drier than before thus reducing the risk of condensation.


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